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With what kind of complaints do we see babies at an osteopathic consultation?

Abnormal presentation (breech, face down, forward facing etc.).

Difficult pivotal turn.

Difficult passage of the shoulders.

Entwined umbilical cord.

Assisted birth.


Premature birth.

If any loss of mobility is discovered, it is loosened with very gentle techniques (light mobilisations), always with respect for the baby.


The baby undergoes great compression during childbirth. After six weeks, it has largely recovered from this without assistance (decompression). It is therefore recommended to schedule a general osteopathic checkup around this period.

Signals from babies

Digestive problems (disturbed feeding, dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), regurgitation, defecation problems, cramps...).


Asymmetry of the head/face.

Restlessness, crying a lot (inconsolably), sleeping problems.


Abnormal postural or movement patterns (overstretching. asymmetrical posture, cramping).


Functional ear, nose and throat problems (e.g. after a face-down presentation).


Inexplicable headache (often indicated by baby putting hands to head or pulling on ears), constipation, stomach pain.


Problems with rolling, sitting, crawling/no logical motor development.

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