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Osteopathy and gynaecological ailments

The lesser pelvis is a region incorporating a concentration of structures lying close to each other (ligaments, pelvic floor muscles, womb, bladder, rectum).

After a birth, inflammation, endometriosis episode, coccyx fracture etc., these structures can strongly adhere to each other, thereby causing many ailments (pain during intercourse, vaginismus, constipation/problems, incontinence etc.). Unfortunately, such complaints are still too often ascribed purely to psychological causes.

However, these ailments can also primarily have mechanical origins, and subsequently lead to emotional problems.

Using gentle internal techniques, we try to loosen these adhesions.


Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).

Urinary problems.

Defecation problems.

Intestinal problems.

Pelvic and spinal ailments.

Chronic pelvic pain.

Restless legs, cramps.

Sagging (feeling of pressure in lesser pelvis, urine leakage, feeling of heaviness).

Pain in coccyx.


Chronic bladder inflammations.

Premenstrual syndrome.

Painful ovulation.

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