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Who are we?


An Roobaert

I gained my diploma in kinesiotherapy in 1999. I subsequently followed the full-time osteopathy course at the 'International Academy of Osteopathy', graduating as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) in 2002.


Because of my ever-increasing passion for working with babies and children,

I followed the two-year postgraduate course in osteopathy for babies and children with Pantha Rei in the Netherlands from 2008 to 2010.


I am available to treat adults, teenagers, children and babies. I give treatments at my group practice in Halle and at the ‘Zwanger in Brussel’ practice.


Roselien Vansteenkiste

I graduated as an osteopath in 2008 at the 'International Academy of Osteopathy.'


I now work in Halle, Herne and Tervuren.

Everyone can come to me for treatment: babies, children and adults. I make use of precise mobilisation techniques, gentle manipulation, gentle stretching,

relaxation and specific techniques for muscles and joints to get your body back into balance.


Thanks to constant additional education, I built up an extra specialisation in treating babies and children.

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